It’s too soon for Stafford to reopen

I’m more than worried about our county opening for business. We’re considered part of the Northern Virginia region, yet we didn’t sign onto the letter to Gov. Northam, along with our neighbors in Prince William County and other counties north.

Stafford County’s rates of infection are still climbing. I can’t locate information that gives solid numbers on the testing being done in Stafford alone as a percentage of our population, but found out that statewide testing is behind the goals set out by our governor and the CDC.

In fact, Virginia as a total was placed number 48 out of 50 in the country in our testing capacity. The testing numbers have been skewed by combining antigen testing, which has not been approved by the FDA as accurate, as part of our daily testing totals for the past weeks, unbeknownst to us until just a few days ago.

This gives us severely inaccurate counts and data.

It seems to me that the governor and certain locals embraced that false testing in order to justify the easing of social distancing. Apparently, that will be fixed going forward because VDH has recently decided to report those numbers separately.

We have not met the 10,000 tests per day in Virginia. We have not experienced a hospitalization drop for 14 days, or a drop in positive cases for 14 days in Stafford. So why are Stafford County and the Rappahannock Health District not sending up a red flag?

Are you not concerned about the people in Northern Virginia traveling south to eat in our restaurants, visit our hair salons and expose more of our community to the spread of this disease?

Judith Diamond


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