Top 10 reasons to fully fund Spotsy schools

Here is my Top 10 list of why the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors should fully fund our public schools:

1. Of those who speak about the budget at every board meeting and hearing, 95 percent are in favor of raising taxes to fully fund the school budget.

2. Our school system is $1,200 below the state average in per-pupil funding.

3. Investing in our schools makes a huge difference for our students, especially low-income students.

4. Excellent public schools attract businesses.

5. Excellent public schools attract new citizens.

6. Increasing per-pupil spending by 10 percent in all 12 school-age years increases the probability of high school graduation by 7 percentage points for all students.

7. Increases in teacher wages have also been found to be associated with increased student achievement—presumably because more capable teachers are recruited and retained.

8. We do not want to lose state money by not providing the matching funds required.

9. This is the third and final year the schools will be providing their staff with the Evergreen study solution and only the second year for the school’s Evergreen hybrid plan.

10. The schools have been either level funded or given less money every year while most other departments’ budgets have increased.

The supervisors were elected to do what is best for their citizens. They claim they listen to those citizens and yet the schools never get fully funded.

Dawn Napper


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