Don’t brag about Trump’s ‘accomplishments’

Mr. Christopher Ezelle’s May 28 letter was lengthy, but none of Mr. Trump’s accomplishments were listed [“Trump haters are jealous of his accomplishments”].

He did not speak about the wall that Mexico was paying for, or the new great health plan for all Americans that’s cheaper and covers everything.

He did not talk about the children wrapped in tinfoil in cages on the border, or Trump’s demonstrations of family values, like paying porn stars for sex while his wife was having his baby.

Or the Hollywood tape about his skills in sexually assaulting women after he eats a Tic Tac. Even Tic Tac makers didn’t want to be associated with this behavior.

Trump did give millionaires and corporations a big tax cut and bragged that he had made them a lot of money by passing that bill. The Republicans are afraid of him and his crazy antics on Twitter. They are looking out for themselves and could care less about the American people.

Mr. Ezelle also spoke about the many things Mr. Trump was not—a politician or a lawyer. And oh, yes, he doesn’t owe anybody anything. What about Russia and North Korea? He is in love with them, he says. I don’t remember any other president that has spoken so affectionately about foreign dictators. I agree with one thing he is not and that is a good person or a good example for our young people.

We are in a sad time for our country, and I hope people like Mr. Ezelle will change the channel and help bring about a more perfect union. We have sunk a long way. I believe we can come back, but it will take all of us.

Janice Hockaday


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