U.S. Postal Service is essential

No, Mr. President, the U.S. Postal Service is not a “joke.” Every day, all across America, the USPS delivers mail for us and has been doing so for 245 years.

One thing we can count on is that the men and women of the USPS will deliver cards/packages from loved ones and peace of mind, knowing that essentials like prescriptions are on their way.

These are the very values that the American people look for from their government and institutions.

Like Mr. Crisp, I love the post office. [ “Why, despite Trump, I love the post office,” May 19]. Since learning about Benjamin Franklin, the first postmaster general, and the postal clause in the U.S. Constitution in American Civics class, I have been fascinated, amazed and appreciative of the USPS.

I don’t want to live without the USPS, and Congress should act to ensure its success.

History students should visit the B. Free Franklin Museum and Post Office in Philadelphia, Pa. This is the only colonial-themed post office operated by the USPS and the only active post office in the U.S. that does not fly the American flag.

Gotta go to check my mailbox, as I am expecting important mail.

Then I will be off to the post office mailing cards to family I can’t hug and sending homemade masks to family and friends, confident that the essential men and women at the essential USPS will get my cards/packages to the important people in my life.

Vicki Brooks


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