UMW survey article dripping with bias

In the online “NEWS” section, Scott Shenk penned an article dripping with bias [“UMW survey shows Democratic hopefuls hold big leads over Trump in Virginia,” Sept. 26]. I find this disturbing, coming from a news source I have enjoyed for over 40 years.

So there is a survey group that has phone conversations with 1,000 registered voters and you feel that is enough to run a story with such a headline?

How about you work a little harder at getting real results before posting this unsubstantiated drivel? I just called 10 friends, and they all said they are voting for Trump. It is shameful that The Free Lance–Star would allow such a biased story.

In a world that is getting away from print media, it is probably not a great decision to push away half of the people that take the time to read your various forms of “news.”

Should I want biased reporting, I will turn on CNN.

Rich Newton


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