Universal background checks aim to control citizens—not firearms

What is the purpose of universal background checks? Is it to keep people who are prohibited from having firearms from acquiring them? Then why doesn’t the state offer that service to the law-abiding citizens of Virginia?

Instead of offering background checks of prospective buyers to lawful private citizens, we are to be subjected to draconian laws that threaten us with fines and jail if we don’t use and pay a federally licensed dealer to access a database/program that the taxpayers bought and pay to maintain!

That is for every transfer. Loan a gun to a friend of 30 years for hunting? UBC. She wants to give it back? UBC on you. You want to loan it to her again in two days? UBC. To get it back? Another UBC.

Each UBC requires going to a FFL dealer, filling out Form 4473, paying a fee and having them run the check—when they are open. You have to travel one hour to get to one? Too bad.

Private sellers need the answer to one question: Is this person I’m going to sell a firearm to prohibited from possessing firearms? A simple website to enter the buyer’s information into and have an answer appear is all that is needed. Even an app on a smart phone would be adequate. No forms, no fees, no BS needed. Info in and get an answer: yes or no.

However, that does not meet the agenda of those pushing universal background checks. It doesn’t control honest citizens enough. Which is what UBC is really all about.

Dennis Hannick

King George

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