Urge legislators to pass fair redistricting bills

We have a Fair Redistricting Constitutional Amendment (SJ18/HJ71) pending a second passage in the Virginia General Assembly during its current session. If it passes, the amendment will be on the ballot this November for all voters to make the final decision.

If voters approve, this will be the most comprehensive redistricting reform to ever pass through any state legislature. The entire country is watching Virginia.

This a giant step forward for drawing fairer maps for all Virginians for our House of Delegate districts, state Senate districts, and congressional districts. It will set up a bipartisan commission made up of legislators of both political parties and an equal number of private citizens, with a citizen as the chairperson. It includes language from the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to codify protections for racial and ethnic minorities.

Redistricting will take place in 2021 following the 2020 U.S. Census and will be based on population and many other criteria, including making new districts compact and contiguous.

Politicians from both parties have drawn maps in the past to benefit themselves. This constitutional amendment and the enabling legislation (SB203 and 204/HB758) will ensure that political considerations are no longer part of the process. The new redistricting commission will function with complete transparency to the public.

Some argue that it is not perfect, but it does represent the bipartisan compromise that created the first passage in the 2019 General Assembly.

Please contact your delegate and senator to urge them, regardless of party, to vote “YES” to the Fair Redistricting Constitutional Amendment with enabling legislation, so that all Virginians’ votes will matter.

Nancy Collins


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