Virginia’s top leadership does not represent Virginians

In response to Donnie Johnston’s Feb. 23 column [“Kudos to Virginia’s leaders for standing fast”]:

Mr. Northam, the blackface in your yearbook was youthful silliness! However, your stance on late-term abortions sickens me, and you do not represent what most Virginians feel about abortion. I fear what God thinks of us for allowing this crime on the unborn.

Mr. Fairfax, you have a right to defend your innocence until proven guilty. However, your failure to honor the great R.E. Lee and T. J. Jackson is totally unacceptable and shows your true bias.

Mr. Herring, I voted to keep marriage in Virginia limited to one man and one woman. When you came into office, you had my vote declared wrong, and you pushed to legalize gay marriage. Sir, you are a disgrace, a real blight on Virginia.

Lastly, Mr. Johnston, please do not put Gen. Anthony McAuliffe’s name in the same sentence as these less than honorable men! Gen. McAuliffe stood up in the face of Nazi guns, while our governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general are just trying to save their unworthy backsides as they continue to embarrass Virginia.

May God bless America and help us reawaken ourselves to honor and common decency.

John Clatterbuck


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