Virginians, get ready to pay for election results

Liberals are typically an angry lot and are really good at exacting revenge on their political opponents. The voting machines had hardly shut down and our illustrious governor was already rubbing his hands together and gleefully announcing that “Virginia is officially blue!”

And now we will see their anger, revenge and payback on full display.

I envision Republicans being told to sit down and shut up whenever they voice their displeasure with whatever outlandish legislation their Democratic counterparts will be shoving down our throats.

We will see legislation that includes the business-killing $15 minimum wage, trampling of our 2nd Amendment rights like we have never seen before, and wholesale infanticide. I’m sure Delegate Kathy Tran has been told to pull out her original bill, dust it off, and be ready to submit it on day one.

And there will be no accountability for our lieutenant governor, an accused sexual predator, who will enjoy hiding behind his Democratic majority and never have to answer for his alleged deplorable actions.

The Democrats will also be pushing their liberal agenda as payback to the political donors who heaped truckloads of money on them during this election. George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and many other out-of-state megadonors are now going to be the proverbial chickens coming home to roost. They didn’t throw money at these candidates from the goodness of their hearts; they are manipulating our elections one liberal at a time.

Our government was founded on a system of checks and balances to insure that the minority was not ignored or trampled. There is neither fairness nor accountability when one party controls the whole state government.

As someone who now has no representation in our government, I fear for the future of our great commonwealth.

Scott Karhan


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