Vote ‘No’ on SCPS’ gender identity policy

On Sept. 10, the Stafford County School Board is scheduled to vote on a policy that would, among other things, prohibit discrimination based on “gender identity.” This policy was proposed after an unfortunate incident last year in which a student who identified as transgender was not provided access to a locker area during a lockdown drill.

While the wording of the policy sounds innocuous, the proposed legislation raises more issues than it purports to solve, delegating to the superintendent the authority to implement measures that will have a negative impact on the privacy and security of all students, especially in restrooms, locker rooms and on athletic teams.

Having separate facilities for boys and girls in public schools is not “discrimination,” but rather is a common-sense recognition of our children’s fundamental right to privacy and bodily integrity.

The last School Board meeting on this issue took place in July and was an unpleasant affair, as transgender activists disrupted the proceedings throughout the meeting. Stafford County has always been a welcoming and neighborly environment that was free of the political nastiness that infects much of our country. I would like it to remain that way.

We should expect our officials to formulate sensible policies that protect the rights of all students without resorting to radical social engineering experiments that create more problems and are divisive.

I urge all Stafford residents to contact their School Board members and ask them to vote “No” on the proposed policy.

James Benisek


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