Responsible gun ownership legislation could be the deciding issue in the 2019 Virginia General Assembly elections. Stan Scott, candidate for 4th Senate District, and Francis Edwards, candidate for Delegate for the 99th district, support the passage of responsible gun ownership legislation as do 75 percent of Virginians. Their opponents, Del. Margaret Ransone and Sen. Ryan McDougle scurried out of town rather than engage in an open debate on the proposals made by Governor Northam in response to the Virginia Beach shooting.

Stan Scott and Francis Edwards support measures which have been tried, tested, and proved successful in reducing gun violence and gun trafficking. Reasonable measures such as “one handgun purchase a month,” a ban on bump stocks, universal background checks, and “red flag” laws that prevent gun purchases by those identified as a threat to themselves or others including those involved in domestic disputes are widely supported by Virginians.

Our current representatives refuse to acknowledge the terror of today’s “a shooting a day” reality. Virginians are ready to leave behind our state’s reputation as the “gun capital of the south” and the source of gun traffic on I-95. We want fewer gun accidents, suicides and mass shootings. We want responsible gun ownership legislation. Vote for Stan Scott for the 4th Senate District and Francis Edwards for Delegate for the 99th district.

Laurie Morissette


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