We need more Days like this

For the past 12 years, Day McCall has worked many of his Costco shifts greeting people as they come in the door. The first encounter I had with Day involved him saying, “Hey, young lady!” I smiled and thought he was just mistaken about my age.

Over the next few visits, I realized Day says something positive to everyone coming in. I became curious: Is he always this happy?

As I stand at the entrance of Costco and try to talk with Day, I realize how hard it is to get time with him because he is greeting, hugging and/or fist bumping everyone as they enter. Day told me he has not always been this happy. He said, “I had to walk away from things in my past to follow Christ.”

I began to learn more about Day and the struggles he overcame in order to find this happiness.

Day was homeless when he started working at Costco. He received daily meals at Micah and lived under a local bridge in a tent it provided. He even remembers families with children living under the bridge. It was a lonely, humbling experience that led him to where he is now.

Day has had many changes in his life over the past 12 years. He is a husband, father and pastor. He is able to provide food to the homeless at Micah and has taught spiritual enlightenment classes there for recovering addicts. He also works with foster children and their parents.

This is a story about humanity and the impact being kind to others can really have. I can tell this isn’t just a job for Day. It is his calling to shine love on others. It is proven by the greetings Day receives back from the many people he has impacted over the years.

Let’s hope for more Days just like this one.

Hillary Casey


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