We shouldn’t allow advertisements for unhealthy foods

People should ban junk and fast food commercials from the TV, internet and radio. Did you know a large number of junk/fast food commercials are seen by kids in a short amount of time? Basically, all ads are for unhealthy eating habits. When people see or hear commercials, it can make viewers or listeners start craving junk food.

All kinds of health problems can occur if you eat fast food meals three or more times a week, including diabetes, liver disease, stroke, high blood pressure, decreased energy and focus, heart disease, high cholesterol, shortness of breath and obesity.

All of these health problems could be reduced if we take action and ban unhealthy commercials.

When kids are young they can get exposed to bad eating habits that can stick with them forever if they are not careful. If junk/fast food commercials are banned, we can prevent kids from having those bad problems.

If everyone takes action we could make a difference in people’s health. Things we can do to help solve this problem include: educating people (especially children) about unhealthy foods; changing the channel when your children are watching unhealthy food commercials; and writing letters to the TV networks.

I may only be 10, but I’d like there to be a better world, and this is a step in the right direction.

Cora Shields


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