What happened to sPower’s good neighbor policy?

So much for sPower’s good neighbor policy. When I found out that the main road for the solar farm was coming within 180 feet of my home, I contacted Spotsylvania County and sPower to show how close it was.

The Board of Supervisors put a setback of 425 feet from our homes, then let the solar company put the earth berm 5 feet off the property line, then a rainwater pond and a firebreak and the main road—all in this same 425 feet. So what happened to the setback?

At our meeting, I asked why the road was in the low land, not on the old road on top of the ridge, to end up at the same place. The old road was and is being used to bring in construction equipment. Everybody there thought that this problem was going to be looked at.

This morning, I emailed the solar company just to thank them for taking the time to talk to us and to show them where I thought the best place for the road is, explaining that it would also be cheaper than building a new road.

Guess what? When I got back this afternoon, the road was being installed. What about sPower’s “I want to be a good neighbor to everybody” policy? Or was it just a saying to please people?

Yesterday’s “we will look into it” turned into today’s “we will do what we want because the supervisors approved the SUP.”

I would like to be a good neighbor, sPower. Don’t you want to be a good neighbor, too? The supervisors gave you everything you wanted. Can you give me some peace so I don’t have to hear 100 big trucks every day for two years?

Michael O’Bier

Locust Grove

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