White supremacy

is responsible

for gun violence

It is not enough to implement common-sense gun reform at the state and national level. We must begin to hold white supremacy and its apologists at all levels of government accountable for these senseless tragedies.

A Twitter account bearing the El Paso suspect’s name contained “liked” tweets that include a “BuildTheWall” hashtag, a photograph using guns to spell out “Trump,” and posts from a far-right YouTuber with ties at Alex Jones’ infamous InfoWars program. Authorities have also come across a potential white nationalist manifesto penned by the shooter that frequents numerous talking points on “ethnic displacement” and “race-mixing,” and refers to immigrants to the United States as “invaders.”

The United States is not under invasion by migrant families seeking safety on our shores. America is being held hostage by a scourge of radicalized white nationalist domestic terrorists with nearly unfettered access to weapons of war.

When will we finally start connecting the dots to the poisonous rhetoric and NRA-funded apathy espoused by those who comprise our highest levels of elected office?

For the 20 innocent lives taken from us in El Paso, it’s already too late.

Alexander Sakes


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