Why are illegals given the rights of citizens?

Why are illegals who are crossing the border without permission given the rights of citizens? If someone breaks into your home, do you allow them to stay, pay for their medical expenses, pay for their education, and pay for their food?

We are basically giving illegals all the benefits that we can’t even provide for our own homeless and underprivileged citizens.

Why? It’s easy to understand. Votes!

Some states that allow illegals to get a drivers license also allow them to vote in local and/or state elections. Why? The liberals need more voters to ensure that a Democrat or Socialist defeats President Trump in 2020.

It’s no wonder that our southern border is bursting with tens of thousands of illegals pouring through. Promises of the good life and free everything is enough to bring them here. Unfortunately, the left doesn’t take the same high road with unfortunate citizens.

Can you imagine what could be accomplished with the money spent on harboring the illegal aliens and using it for American social programs?

When I pay my taxes, I assume that the money will be spent to make our country stronger, so that all citizens will be able to pursue those inalienable rights mentioned in our Constitution. It doesn’t guarantee success, just the opportunity to pursue it.

Allowing this invasion of illegals and affording them the rights of citizens is a disgrace and a slap in the face to all Americans and legal immigrants. Congress should be ashamed. They are succeeding where the Russians failed: dividing our country with hate.

Ed Kerr


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