Why not put solar panels on Spotsy reservoirs?

If Spotsylvania really wants solar , they should go all in for it. They should lease out the Ni River (411 acres) and Hunting Run reservoirs (420 acres). If we used just half of each, that is over 400 acres of floating solar panels.

Yes, that’s right: floating solar. They have been doing this since 2008, and with lease rates going from $500 to over $1,200 an acre. The county could earn $200,000 to $480,000 a year on just the lease, plus the taxes on the equipment.

This is more than they will get off the 6,300 acres of solar in the western part of county, which is in private hands, so the county only gets some tax dollars. With floating solar, we get all the money. Plus, we know that it is safe on water. They tell us that, so it must be so.

Then we could look at other county-owned land and buildings and maybe the county could get the 35 percent tax break, too. Now everybody in the county will have some skin in the game, and if they are wrong about the runoff of chemicals from the panels, we will all suffer the same.

So Board of Supervisors, put you money where you mouth is. If you approve site A, B and C for sPower, be sure to approve sites for Ni River and Hunting Run at the same time. I am sure sPower would be willing to build them at the same time.

Kirk Byers


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