Will new tech jobs become obsolete?

After reading the recent article [“Tech company Yext to hire 500 for work at Northern Virginia engineering center,” Feb. 25] , I have some concerns about the well-being of the new Arlington workers.

I really like the fact that more jobs are being brought to Virginia. However, what happens in a couple of years when new technology that can do the workers’ jobs more effectively and efficiently comes along?

By living in a society that is powered by machines and robots that make life easier, companies try to do the cheapest and most precise options. Will the workers just be thrown out after they’re not needed and the proper machines replace them?

Big companies such as Yext need to think far in the future before making promises to workers, or at least explicitly state that technological innovations are always happening.

And the new workers for Yext need to be aware that their jobs won’t last forever.

Sidnie Baker


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