Young people should think about others

James Andrews bemoaned the fact that young folks must sacrifice to help delay the spread of COVID-19 [“How will coronavirus scare affect my students?” March 17].

Remember that there was a time when young men were conscripted in time of war, and had to put their own lives at risk for our country. Now it’s just HORRIBLE that young folks have to delay tests, and a fate worse than death that they can’t participate in sports.

No recognition that they can be carriers of the virus and thereby cause illness and death, or overwhelm a medical community trying very hard not to deal with large numbers of sick people at the same time. What is the purpose of printing Mr. Andrews’ views? Does it help our society? Does it contribute to anyone’s concept of civic duty? Or is civic duty simply not important to Mr. Andrews and those who might agree with him that it’s horrible for young folks to contribute to our society by inconveniencing themselves to help avoid overwhelming the medical community?

I imagine that if social distancing works and we are not overwhelmed like parts of Europe have been, Mr. Andrews will write back saying, “I told you so.”

Ignorance abounds. Sigh.

Ellen Brown


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