Zoning should not be one size fits all

Can someone tell me how one zoning code fits the whole state of Virginia?

That’s what Stafford County Zoning is telling me. One shoe does not fit every foot, and one speed limit does not work for every road, so why should zoning not be a case-by-case event?

I have lived in several locations in Virginia where, if I had a zoning issue, I would just pay the extra fee on the permit and was granted approval. But Stafford wants $650 just to go before some board, and if they refuse your request, you lose your money. Isn’t this a form of robbery without a gun?

Health issues are the reason for my request. I can get a letter from my doctor, but all I get told is save your money because the board will not approve your variance.

If that part of your land was swamp or unusable, then we can talk about your request.

Let me make this clear: The people I spoke with at Stafford Zoning were very polite, just no help.

I am trying very hard to keep my property clean and neat, unlike some of my neighbors. But I get no help with my property or making the neighbors clean up their junk.

Again, please explain how one rule covers an entire state!

Neal Pearce


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