A. The players asked the owners to share documents to back up claims of potential financial doom without pay cuts. The owners delivered some, but not all, of the requested documents.

On Tuesday, owners are expected to deliver a financial proposal that would not depend upon revenue sharing. The union is expected to suggest that, if the issue is reduced cash flow, players would be amenable to deferred salaries.

Whatever the union might request in exchange for another pay cut this year - a minimum payroll for 2021, say, or the elimination of draft picks as free-agent compensation next winter - might not fly among players who might lose out now. Tony Clark, the union chief, has publicly promised his players that negotiation about 2020 salaries "is over."

Since the players' share of postseason money is limited to a percentage of gate revenue, a fan-free postseason could mean yet another pay cut for playoff participants - or a start in bridging the difference between the parties.

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