The preliminary rounds have now come to an end and we have on quarterfinalists as we've narrowed down the field to the final either with last week's voting.

The "Louisa Loonies" capped off a run of seven weeks of first-place finishes with a total of 1,050 in the final preliminary round to earn the top overall seed in the Bracket Rounds. The "Loonies" finished a whopping 8,589 votes—that's an average of 1,227 votes per round. Both pretty impressive totals.

However, they will have to keep that momentum going in the Bracket Rounds where anything can happen as were work toward crowning our third annual Challenge's champion.

Also moving on the the Bracket Rounds—in alphabetical order—will be Chancellor, King George, Mountain View, North Stafford, Riverbend, Spotsylvania and Stafford.

2019 FLS Varsity Student Section Challenge - Seventh Round Results

Eliminated in this final preliminary round was the "Green Wall" of Colonial Forge and the "Cougar Den" of Courtland after pour voter turnout in the Seventh Round. Both finished in the top eight in the Sixth Round, but could not repeat that effort last week.

With those final eight moving on, each school was then seeded based on the total number of votes each received over the opening seven rounds.

2019 FLS Varsity Student Section Challenge - Overall votes through Seventh Round

After the seedings were set, each school was then placed in the bracket accordingly. From here on out, all match-ups will be head-to-head, with the winners from each match-up each week advancing to the next round.

The match-ups were set according to the basic bracket process of 1st seed vs. 8th seed, 2nd seed vs. 7th seed, 3rd seed vs. 6th seed and 4th seed vs. 5th seed for the Quarterfinals. There will be no reseeding after each round is complete so each school will be able to track who they may face next.

2019 FLS Varsity Student Section Challenge - Bracket Rounds - Quarterfinals

So have at it and let's have some more fun over the final three weeks of this year's Challenge.

Remember, we want to see your schools out there representing themselves well whether they are still in the Challenge or not, so feel free to tag us in pictures and videos (@FLSVarsity). Show us how you support your teams and schools throughout this fall season.

Keep the votes coming! Help your school continue toward a shot at an overall title in hopes of joining previous champions "Orange Fever" and "Knights Watch" by adding the honor to the school's proverbial trophy case.

So, don't leave this post without voting in the polls below.

Who has the better student section between the "Louisa Loonies" and the "Blue Wave" of Stafford?

You voted:

Who has the better student section between the "Knights Watch" of Spotsylvania and the "Foxes Den" of King George??

You voted:

Who has the better student section between the "Wildcat Crazies" of Mountain View and the "Bear Cave" of Riverbend?

You voted:

Who has the better student section between the "Orange Fever" of North Stafford and the "Charger Chaos" of Chancellor?

You voted:


Below is a quick look at how many schools will be eliminated each round and how many will advance. Click Here to review the full rules and format explanation.


Second 218


Quarterfinals   44
Final11 (Champion) 


It's that time of year again! Time to kickoff the voting for this year's FLS Varsity Student Section Challenge.

With a new format, click here to read all about it, we think the third edition will be the best one yet.

This week's first round will involve all 21 Fredericksburg-area high school with football programs, with one school eliminated each round at the conclusion of voting following next Friday's games.

The remaining 20 schools will advance to the second round.

Now remember what this event is all about . . . students, faculty—current and former—and anyone who follows high school football in the area supporting their schools and high school football the best way possible . . . Positive energy and support for their school.

The focus should be on supporting your school, not encouraging negativity toward other schools. So, put your best foot forward and let the best school win!


A very nice turnout for the opening round of voting has yielded us our 20 second-round schools and the "Louisa Loonies" as our first-round champion with 843 votes, more than 200 more than runner-up and 2017—the inaugural Challenge—overall champion, the "Orange Fever" of North Stafford.

Complete first-round results and with schools advanced can be seen below.

Can the Loonies continue their early voting rampage, or will the rest overtake them as we move forward?

With every school that advances, there is also some that don't. In this case just one, Washington & Lee's "Blue Crew." In our upcoming rounds, two schools will not be moving on—as can be seen lower down in this email—until we sit with eight schools remaining.

Expect the voting to only get more tightly contended as the football season goes on and let the best student section win!


The "Louisa Loonies" do it again, winning their second straight round, this time breaking the 1,000-vote barrier. Defending champion, the "Knights Watch" from Spotsylvania and inaugural champions (2017) "Orange Fever" from North Stafford also showed well rounding out the top three this week.

Overall, the voting numbers rose by about 1,500 votes so the steam is building as we enter round three this week with 18 school's advancing and two being eliminated.

We regretfully say our goodbyes to Orange's "The Sworm" and Fredericksburg Christian's "Eagles Nest" after the second round. Both will I'm sure continue to support their teams wholeheartedly the rest of the season with next challenge in their sites.

New this week, we have our overall vote standings running in this post below. The overall vote standings will be used to determine the seeding once the single-elimination Bracket Rounds (Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Final) begin once we're down to our final eight schools.

If the Quarterfinals began today, the "Louisa Loonies" would be the top seed and would face No. 8 "Massaponax Maniacs," with the following match-up rounding out the field: "Knights Watch" vs. "Charger Chaos" (Chancellor), "Orange Fever" vs. "Cougar Den" (Courtland) and "Foxes Den" (King George) vs. "Wildcat Crazies" (Mountain View).

But there's still plenty of time for that to change with five more rounds to go until the Quarterfinals begin. So don't give up hope if you're not at the top. Let you school spirit shine through and help lead your school to victory in this week's Third Round. Every vote counts!


Are the "Louisa Loonies" going to run the table? Another 1,000-vote round saw them top the charts in the Third Round, just as they did in the previous two rounds.

North Stafford's "Orange Fever" and Spotsylvania's "Knights Watch" flip flopped positions this round taking second and third, respectively.

The biggest voting increase in the Third Round came from the "Green Wall" of Colonial Forge, who increased their voting total by nearly 300 in last week's round. Though they had the biggest increase of that round of the challenge, they still sit a distant sixth behind overall the overall leaders from Louisa.

The "Loonies" overall total of 3,093 votes is quite impressive, but not insurmountable for Spotsylvania and North Stafford, which totals of over 2,000 votes sitting in second and third.

The overall vote totals will be used to seed our final eight schools when the single-elimination Bracket Rounds begin with the Quarterfinals after the Seventh Round is completed. 

After the Third Round, we say goodbye to Caroline's "Blue Crew" and Culpeper's "Devils Den" with the 16 remaining schools advancing to the Fourth Round that will run through this week with voting closing at midnight after Friday night's high school football schedule is completed.

Remember, we want to see your schools out there representing themselves well, so feel free to tag us in pictures and videos (@FLSVarsity). Show us how you support your teams and schools throughout this fall season.

Keep the votes coming! Though Louisa holds a pretty solid lead right now, that advantage is not insurmountable as we saw several school notch over 1,000 votes throughout the various rounds of last year's challenge. And you never know what can happen once single-elimination rolls around.


The fourth-round voting saw an early front-runner jump out to a sizable lead when the "Wildcat Crazies" of Mountain View start off the run with a flurry of votes.

BUT . . . the early jump on the competition only seemed to awaken our overall leader so far, the "Louisa Loonies," who methodically continued to add votes before finally pull ahead to win its fourth straight round and solidify itself as the current title favorite.

The strong round of voting from the "Wildcat Crazies" did vault them into the third-seed position in the overall voting, just behind Spotsylvania's "Knights Watch."

Both the "Knights Watch" and North Stafford's "Orange Fever" dropped off in the vote totals Round 4 allowing the "Louisa Loonies" to strengthen their grip on the potential No. 1 seed when the single-elimination quarterfinals kick off after the Seventh Round in three weeks.

This week we have to say our goodbyes to underdog St. Michael and, in a big of a surprise, the "Massaponax Maniacs." The Maniacs' vote totals surprisingly dropped off in each of the first four rounds eventually culminating in this week's lowest vote total of the round.

The race for the top eight quarterfinal spots is still wide open though, as good voting in the next three rounds could help any of the remaining 14 schools jump into those sport. So, be sure to keep the votes coming whether your school sits in one of the top eight positions currently or at No. 14.


Well, they did it again. The "Louisa Loonies" took the top spot in the just concluded Fifth Round ahead of the up-and-coming "Wildcat Crazies" from Mountain View.

With two more preliminary rounds to go before the bracket portion of this year's Challenge begins, the "Loonies" as setting themselves nicely to be the top seed in the final eight.

While the "Loonies" had their fourth straight round with over 1,000 votes, the "Wildcat Crazies" notched their second straight round of eclipsing that mark, the only two schools to do so so far.

The "Knights Watch" of Spotsylvania, and "Orange Fever" of North Stafford are also looking like pretty solid locks to advance to that final eight as we head to Sixth Round voting this week. The "Foxes Den" of King George and "Green Wall" of Colonial Forge both also have over 1,000 total votes through five rounds.

If the bracket tournament started today, "Charger Chaos" of Chancellor and the "Cougar Den" of Courtland would also be in. However, the other four schools that advanced to the Sixth Round—the "Bear Cave" of Riverbend, the "Blue Wave" of Stafford, Eastern View's "Storm Shelter" and "The JM Swarm" of James Monroe—are still within striking distance of making the bracket.

Once again, this week we have to say goodbye to two more schools as Colonial Beach and the "Red Rage" of Brooke Point received the lowest number of votes in the Fifth Round.


And we're on to the final elimination round, the Seventh Round, before the the remaining schools are seeded by their overall vote totals into the head-to-head bracket portion of this year's Challenge.

But first, we conclude the Sixth Round with the sixth straight round win by the "Louisa Loonies," breaking the 1,000-point barrier for the fifth week in a row to top this week's runner-up—for a third straight week—the "Wildcat Crazies" of Mountain View.

The overall top four schools seem pretty sure to advance to the quarterfinals at this point. The "Louisa Loonies," "Wildcat Crazies," North Stafford's "Orange Fever" and "Knights Watch" of Spotsylvania" have each topped the 3,000-vote mark.

Spots five through seven—currently the "Foxes Den" of King George, the "Green Wall" of Colonial Forge and "Charger Chaos" of Chancellor—also seem pretty safe.

The eighth and final quarterfinal position, however, is definitely up for grabs with Courtland's "Cougar Den", Riverbend's "Bear Cave" and Stafford's "Blue Wave" within 100 votes of each other.

Another week of voting concluded means another week of eliminations. This week we must now say our farewells from this year's Challenge to "The JM Swarm" from James Monroe and the "Storm Shelter" from Eastern View, who each received the lowest number of votes in the Sixth Round. This coming week's Seventh Round will see the 10 remaining schools knocked down to eight by week's end, leaving us with our Final 8.

Those Final 8 advance to our Bracket Rounds with seeding 1st through 8th setting our Quarterfinal match-ups based on the total number of votes each school has received through every rounds voting so far. Click Here to read the full rules.

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