Coaches: Boys—Ferrand Violette. Girls—Cordelro Mosley.

Last season: Boys: n/a. Girls: 2–12 (2–7 district).

Top returners: Boys—Sr. Kuane Vila, Sr. Nathan Turner, Sr. Andrew Samuel, Sr. Dylan Kuczka, Sr. D Colin Roberts. Girls—Jr. M Amelia Gilley, So. M Janiya Rourk, Jr. A Lilly Hoit, So. D Saafia Bradley.

Top newcomers: Boys—Jr. D Korey Costello, Jr. D Matthew Stoeker, Jr. D Nico Gutierrez, Jr. GK Will Rush, So. A Connor Dubberly, So. A Christian Leap, Fr. A Cole Jasso, Fr. A Noah Sanders, Fr. D Jacob Monoghan, Fr. MF Jaelen Potter. Girls—Fr. G Fayth Julius, Fr. D Jala Weathers.

Outlook: Several veterans will form a nucleus for the boys’ team while talented newcomers try to blend in. The Black-Hawk girls look to build upon last season’s moral victories while developing young talent to help bring a winning culture.


Coaches: Boys—Phillip Fant. Girls—Nate Medic.

Last season: Boys 15–5 (15–2 district). Girls 14–5 (12–1).

Top returners: Boys—Sr. MF Tyler Howard, Sr. D Thomas Chown, Sr. GK Anthony Merida, Sr. MF Sam Sharps, Sr. MF Seth Rombaugh. Girls—Sr. A Kadence Stanton, So. M Mary Ellen Schuster, Sr. G Mel Rodgers.

Top newcomers: Boys—Sr. MF Sam Duggan, So, A Daniel Merdia, So. Luke Martinez, Jr. D Patrick Griffin, Sr. MF Ben Hayam. Girls—Fr. D Ellen Chown, Fr. D Sky Trail.

Outlook: All-region seniors Howard, Chown and Merida give the boys a strong nucleus to defend their district title. After a successful 2018 campaign, the Eagle girls return nine of 11 starters and should remain at the top of the Commonwealth District.


Coaches: Boys—Andrew Sestito. Girls—Mary Pietro.

Last season: Boys n/a. Girls: 2–12 overall.

Top returners: Boys—Sr. D CJ Berry, Sr. D Nick Pietro, Sr. G Andrew Pisani, Sr. A Sebastian Sanchez, Jr. M Gabe McGhee, Jr. D Dylan Allen. Girls—Sr. D Elena Tippett, Sr. A Joanna Melita, So. M Grace Pietro, So. A Ellie Butler.

Top newcomers: Boys—Fr. A Chase Callan. Girls—Sr. M Micaela Newton.

Outlook: The Panthers’ boys look to rebuild after losing a senior squad that was full of talent on both ends of the field. They will rely heavily on a seasoned defensive unit, while searching to fill gaps offensively, left by graduation losses. The girls are in the middle of a rebuild after losing many seniors to graduation. Offense will be the squad’s biggest strength.


Coaches: Boys—George Pugh. Girls—Kim Sullivan.

Last season: Boys: 11–6 overall (8–4 district). Girls 14–7 overall.

Top returners: Boys—Sr. M/A Tanner Van Liew, Sr. LSM/D Zachary Fernow, Sr. D Luke Mehr, Sr. A Tyler Ferron, Jr. M Ivan Torres, Jr. M James Mooney, Jr. D Clarence Hogan, Jr. D/G John Comer, Sr. D Garrett Cunningham. Girls—Sr. A Mary D’Lugos, Sr. D Liz Britten, Jr. A Lizzie Ranberger, So. M Mackenzie Proffitt.

Top newcomers: Boys—Fr. A Jack Hook, Fr. A Emory Harshman, Fr. M Chris Van Liew, Fr. A Will Frampton, So. M Jordan Brown, So. M Amari Walker. Girls—Fr. M Hanna Navarro, Fr. M Emma Stalteri.

Outlook: The Wildcat boys hope to contend in what is a “wide-open race” according to coach Pugh. A good mix of experience and youth gives the squad talent all over the field and expectations are high. The defending district champion Wildcat girls hope to be as successful if not more so than last season after reaching the region final and state tournament.


Coaches: Boys—Brian Becton. Girls—Clinton Lloyd.

Last season: Boys: . Girls:13–6 overall, tied for second in the district.

Top returners: Boys—. Girls—Sr. M Annika Benson, Sr. A Victoria Ublies, Sr. MaKenzie Torres, Sr G Tatiana Martinez.

Top newcomers: Boys—. Girls—Sr. A Kia Mcgee.

Outlook: The Wolverines’ girls hope to build of the success they had last season.


Coaches: Boys—Sean Mack. Girls—Dion Fennell.

Last season: Boys 9–7 overall (9–4 district). Girls: 12–6 (10–5).

Top returners: Boys—Jr. MF J.T. Harvey, Jr. A Daniel Weber, Jr. A James Stewart, So. GK Shane Hecht. Girls—Jr. Paige Barnett, Sr. Katerine Basso, Sr. Kayla Surles, Jr. Rachel Lynch, Sr. Alix Corrao, So. Haven Doherty.

Top newcomers: Boys—Fr. MF/A Grant Messick, Fr. MF Jack Reeves. Girls—Sr. Taloy Willinghan.

Outlook: First-team all-conference attack men Weber and Stewart should team with second-team all-state midfielder Harvey to make the boys a high-scoring team. The girls have many new position players and should be in the middle of the Commonwealth District pack.


Coaches: Boys—Troy Lane. Girls—Kelly Ulmer.

Last season: Boys 4–12 (3–11 district) lost in regional semifinals. Girls n/a.

Top returners: Boys—Sr. A Turner Camp, Sr. D Reese Lane. Girls—Sr. M Kinsley Greenlaw, Sr. M Lauren Laveroni.

Outlook: Being a young team with a small group of seniors, the Indians’ boys look to improve upon 2018. Similarly on the girls’ side, they seek to continue to make leaps in both growth and building up a strong program.



Coaches: Girls—Claire Gianelle.

Last season: Boys 7–9 (3–5 district). Girls 2–12 (0–8).

Top returners: Boys—. Girls—Sr. MF Marcela Tapia, Sr. D Abril Rodriguez.

Top newcomers: Boys—. Girls—Fr. A Ashtyn Pfeff.

Outlook: The Blue Devils’ girls are young but show promise.


Coaches: Boys—Chris Frazier. Girls—Liz Schumacher.

Last season: Boys 4–9 overall (3–5 district). Girls 8-5 (4–4).

Top returners: Boys—So. D Ronta Robinson, Jr. M Eli Reaves, Sr. D Avery Sites, Sr. M Jake Straus. Girls—Sr. A Morgan Tricarico, Sr. A Enna Haught, Sr. D Emma Welborn, Sr. D Logan Stockon, Jr. M Cassidy Morrison, Jr. M Christine Fettig.

Top newcomers: Boys—Fr. A Conner Weeks, Fr. A Brady Hitt, So. G Hayden Ward. Girls—Sr. D Emily Hatfield, So. A Analeigh Page, So. A Avery Stanley.

Outlook: On the boys’ side, an extremely young group makes up this year’s roster, which has meshed very well thus far and worked hard in the off-season. Coach Frazier is excited to see how his group stacks up against the rest of the Battlefield District. The Cyclone girls only lost four seniors to graduation and return most of their starting lineup from last season, so experience should be a strong point. They should be a very balanced squad and the defense will be aided by the return of Hatfield who missed all of last season due to an injury.


Coaches: Boys—Mark Engel. Girls—Linda Delaney.

Last season: Boys 1–13 overall. Girls: 9–4 overall.

Top returners: Boys—Jr. M Mac Holland, Jr. M/A Carter Haid, Sr. A Turner White, Jr. D/M Mason Myers, So. D Neal Kinnard, So. D Charles Willis. Girls—Sr. D Gina Elkin, Jr. M Grace Marchosky, Sr. A Caroline Wack, Sr. A Rosa Williams.

Top newcomers: Boys—Jr. G Christian Powell, So. A Sam Dumont. Girls—Jr. A Emma Kruus, Sr. M Morgan Rigual, Soo. M Carrie Stinchcomb, So. A Taylor Hough.

Outlook: The Yellow Jacket boys return just two seniors, but the underclassmen had a wealth of game experience. A top contender in Region 3B, the girls return 10 starters to their lineup and are filled to the brim with experienced upperclassmen.



Coaches: Boys—Tyler Houston. Girls—Jenna Steele.

Last season: Boys: 2–7 (0–4 Delaney Conference). Girls: 6–8 overall, reached DAC semifinals.

Top returners: Boys—Sr. D Reid Schattgen, Jr. A/MF Alex Dierdenen. Girls—So. M Frace Norair, Fr. Isabelle Larimore, Sr. M Kimberly Sheldon.

Top newcomers: Boys—Sr. GK Jonah Bevin. Girls—Fr. A Katie Raust.

Outlook: FA’s boys are counting on several multi-sport athletes to translate their talents to the lacrosse field. The girls have only one senior, but are filled with skilled underclassmen. .


Coaches: Boys—Jon Schneider.

Last season: Boys: 4–8 overall.

Top returners: Boys—Sr. A Colter Smalley, Sr. G Nathan Webb, Sr. M Jeff George, Sr. D Austin Marshall.

Top newcomers: Boys—Fr. A Jack Schneider, So. M Hunter Waite.

Outlook: Acknowledging this season as a rebuilding one for the program, the Eagles’ boys have their sights on improving against conference opponents and increasing their offensive output, while taking on a full schedule of 14 games.

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