Coaches: Briana Hall and Neil Eggelson

Last season: Boys fourth, girls fifth in district.

Top returners: Girls--Sr. Dejah Saunders (hurdles), Sr. Se'Lis Sharpe (jumps, hurdles).

Top newcomers: Boys--Sr. Jeffrey Gordon. Girls--So. Amber Askelson (pole vault), Jr. Isha Sesay (hurdles). 

Outlook: The Black-Hawks are young, but the girls should be strong in the hurdle events. Gordon, a transfer, qualified for the state indoor meet in the 55 and 300 meters. 


Coach: Harry Booth

Last season: Boys—Second in district, first in Region 6B. Girls—First in district, first in Region 6B.

Top returners: Boys—So. Michael Arner (distance), Sr. Ed Deskins (sprints), Sr. Brett Edmunds (distance), Sr. Seif Eltablyhi (pole vault), So. Zach Haines (distance), Jr. Xavier Jones (jumps), Sr. Zach Kindel (middle distance), Jr. Trevor Thomas (jumps, hurdles), Sr. Mason Woods (throws). Girls—Sr. Allison Fick (distance), Jr. Savannah Jackson (sprints), So. Kayla Loescher (distance), Jr. Micaiah Pearson (throws), Jr. Makayla Purifoy (jumps), Jr. Jana Riley (sprints), So. Nayome Shipp (jumps), So. Bre Spain (sprints, jumps), So. Paityn Walker (middle distance, jumps), Sr. McKenzi Watkins (distance), Sr. Jordyn Williams (sprints, jumps).

Top newcomers: Boys—Fr. Desmond Cook (sprints, throws), Sr. Micah Harris (middle distance), Fr. Justin Jones (jumps), So. Michael Vinson (sprints, throws), Jr. Jordan Miller (hurdles, jumps), Fr. Austin Pollard (distance), Sr. Tre’Von Stephens (sprints). Girls—Sr. Elena Beard (throws), Sr. Clara Brown (hurdles), Jr. Joselyn Jones (sprints).

Outlook: The boys have several outstanding athletes, but depth could be a problem. The girls will be strong and deep.


Coach: Maurie Hutton

Last season: Boys sixth, girls seventh in district.

Top returners: Boys—Jr. James Johnson (hurdles). Girls—So. Aaliyah Pyatt (sprints), Sr. Julianne Hudson (distance), Jr. Alexa Boggan (hurdles), Jr. Kayla Kosco (distance).

Top newcomers: Boys—Fr. Jaiven Plummer. Girls—Fr. Lola Garvie (middle distance).

Outlook: Pyatt, one of the nation’s top 400-meter runners, leads a talented girls’ squad that should contend for district and regional titles.


Coaches: Mike Porter, Brek Hall, Dominic Hunter, Ken Williams

Last season: Boys—First in district, second in Region 5D. Girls—Second in district, first in Region 5D.

Top returners: Boys—Sr. Aiden Fritz, So. Colton Ocetnik, Sr. Jashaad Boatwright, Sr. Taylor Beckford. Girls—Sr. Jordan Burzynski, Sr. Kendra William, Jr. Jordan Venning, Sr. Grace Muratore, So. Laura Peterson, So. Rebecca Simmons.

Top newcomers: Boys—Fr. Charles Cann, Fr. Jacob Petska. Girls—Fr. Sara Lieske.

Outlook: With regional finalists peppered for both the boys and girls, both teams will be among the Commonwealth’s elite.


Coaches: Chris Farmer and Marques Hall

Last season: Boys, girls third in district.

Top returners: Boys—Manuel Pellot (high jump), Shawn Asbury. Girls—Morgan Snow (sprints), Jamie Macecevic (pole vault).

Top newcomers: Girls—Fr. Leenesa Whitaker, Fr. Raichelle Cornelius, Fr. Jade Raspberry.

Outlook: Both teams a very young, but have a lot of potential.


Coach: Cathy Binder

Last season: Girls fourth, boys fifth in district.

Top returners: Boys—Jaren Holmes (jumps, hurdles), Dillon Fields (distance), Gian Torres (middle distance), Phillip Corbin (sprints), Dalton Kramer (sprints), Tyler Collins, Reagan Miller, Daniel Martin (pole vault), Austin Applegate (pole vault). Girls—Caroline Fairbanks (distance), Jayden Haley, Sarah Christy (distance), Jayden Moon (middle distance), Mina Cantu (weights).

Top newcomers: Boys—Blake Fairbanks (distance), Aaron Applegate (sprints). Girls—Callie Case (middle distance).

Outlook: Two-event indoor state champion Jaren Holmes looks to duplicate that success outdoors and leads a deep boys’ team.


Coaches: Pete Augrom

Last season: Girls sixth, boys seventh in district.

Top returners: Boys—Sr. Paul Sepulveda (distance), So. Ronnie Gaymon (sprints), Jr. Nathan Notgrass (distance), Jr. Jordan Osborne (sprints/hurdles). Girls—Sr. Gen Hirata (pole vault), Jr. Aiyanna King (sprints), Jr. Katherine Clavert (distance), Sr. Emerald Chick (sprints), Jr. Zoi Betties (mid-distance).

Outlook: Both teams will look to improve their standing in the region and state. Senior Gen Hirata plans to defend her state title.



Coach: Sansberry Harvey

Last season: Boys, girls fifth in district.

Top returners: Boys—Jr. Donovan Bastidas (sprints, jumps), Jr. Diontre Cephas (sprints, jumps), Kameron Freeman (middle distance), Jr. Ajani Goode (sprints, jumps), Jr. Jahmeer Lassic (sprints), Jr. Zadok Laryea (multi), Sr. Brandon Marshall (jumps), Jr. Chester Monroe (weights), Sr, Emrique Romero-Baker (sprints, jumps), Sr, Lorenzo Ruffin (multi), Jr. James Simms (hurdles), Sr. Tyler Smith (sprints), Jr. Tivon Tillman (hurdles, jumps), Jr. Andre Ferguson (sprints, jumps). Girls—Jr. Amiri Boddie (weights), So, Makayla Davis (multi), Jr. Makayla Grant (sprints, jumps), Jr. Cami Hatcher (sprints, jumps), Ebony Isaac (multi), So, Faye McElroy (hurdles), So. Deja Panker (multi), Sr. Guinevere Unterbrink (distance).

Top newcomers: Boys—Fr. Rodriquez Pleasants (weights), Fr. Daniel Sherman (distance), Sr. Christian Walker (sprints). Girls—So Kamryn Gray (weights), Fr. Kolynn Wilson (sprints, jumps).

Outlook: The Cavaliers have depth and experience and are looking for breakout performers.


Coach: Sylvia Williams

Last season: Boys third , girls sixth in district.

Top returners: Boys—Kim Carruthers, Cole Taylor, Jeremiah Chukwu, Aaron Hernandez, Connor Adkins. Girls—Akeila Edwards, Shakia Rivers.

Top newcomers: Boys—Alexavier Kelly, Auston Hall, Tyler Evans, Josh Fissel, Lorenzo Coleman, Brycen Edwards, Garrick Fryer Jr., Avonte Redmond, Jaquan Johnson, Javontae Mickens, Elijah Mines. Girls—Amira Turner, Savannah Aversa, Adrianna Kelly, Madelyn Miller, Simone Short.

Outlook: The Chargers are a young team, but are led by multiple state competitors.


Coach: J.C. Hall

Last season: Boys—First in district, third in Region 4B, fifth in Class 4. Girls—First in district, fifth in region, eighth in Class 4.

Top returners: Boys—Sr. Zach Wadas (sprints), So. Matt Spicer (sprints), So. Sean Wray (sprints, jumps), Sr. Robert Gunia (distance), So. Kyle Ernandes (distance), Sr. Jayce Hall (distance), So. Jackson Vollbrecht (throws), So. Ian Richardson (pole vault). Girls—Jr. Abbey Howes (hurdles, jumps), Sr. Makaila Keyes (sprints), So. Brianna London (hurdles), So. Markiah Coleman (sprints), Jr. Noelle Hodges (throws).

Top newcomers: Boys—Sr. Yo Kongai (hurdles), So. Raul Gil (sprints, jumps, hurdles), Jr. Emile Marsh (sprints), Fr. EJ Rogers (sprints). Girls—Fr. Kaiyla Baker (throws), So. Danyha Harris (throws), Sr. Taylor Mills (pole vault).

Outlook: The boys squad should be very competitive and contend at district and region meets.


Coach: Raymond Gee

Last season: Boys, girls second in district.

Top returners: Boys—Ashton King (sprints), Thomas Yates (sprints), Josh Logan (sprints), DaShaun Presley (sprints), Matt LaRosa (distance), Jacob Pelkey (jumps). Girls—Micah Lee (sprints), Jalicia Miranda (sprints), Ariela Lobo (sprints), Kirstyn Gilyard (distance), Kelly Doherty (jumps), Jaliyah Hull (jumps), Tykeia Cottoms (weights), Jordan Yates (jumps).

Top newcomers: Boys—Qunelle Tyree (jumps). Girls—Kimberly Naverette (middle distance), Kyle Gee (weights).

Outlook: Relays should be a strength, as both 400-meter teams are aiming for state berths.


Coaches: Nick Brousse

Last season: Boys—Sixth in district, fifth in Region 3B. Girls—Fourth in district, second in region, fourth in Class 3.

Top returners: Boys—So. Deonte Curry (sprints), So. Aidan Ryan (jumps, 400), Jr. Kendall Dixon (sprints), Sr. Will Snead (distance), Sr. Mitch Dolby (distance), Sr. Terrence McKenzie (middle distance), So. Aidan Ridderhof (distance). Girls—So. Tatia Battiste (sprints, hurdles), So. Kennedy Greene (sprints), So. Sanaa Jones (sprints), Jr. Zoe Tierney (sprints), Sr. Icsis Murray (jumps), So. Ginny Beringer (middle distance), So. Carrie Stinchcomb (distance), Sr. Lila Cobey (middle distance), Sr. Eva Kerr (distance).

Top newcomers: Girls—Fr. Yasmin Deane (sprints, high jump), Fr. Brianna Denson (sprints, long jump).

Outlook: Both teams look to be deep in the sprint events. Both teams return several athletes that competed in the Class 3 state meet last season, including Beringer who won the 800-meter state championship.


Coach: Paul Koepfinger

Last season: Girls third, boys seventh in district.

Top returners: Boys—Jr. Matt Rose (sprints), So. Alex Dachos (distance), Sr. Abraham Martinez (middle distance). Girls—Jr. Stephanie Cooke (sprints), So. Katie Ward (middle distance), Sr. Ellianna Bailey (middle distance), So. Kyla Brown (distance), So. Eleanor Veazey (hurdles), Jr. Hannah Greenwood (hurdles, pole vault).

Top newcomers: Boys—Sr. Matthew Redcay (sprints), Sr. Tyshaun Jones (sprints), Jr. Alex Shea (middle distance). Girls—So. Chloe Prunczik (sprints, pole vault), So. Delanie Williams (distance), So. Jericho Boykin (sprints), Jr. Latasha Johnson (weights).

Outlook: After heavy graduation losses, King George’s girls will look to several underclassmen for scoring. The boys’ team is deeper and improved.


Coaches: Boys—Charlie Sayers. Girls—Cathy LaRocco.

Last season: Boys fourth, girls seventh in district.

Top returners: Boys—Sr. Tyler Maass, Sr. Limiah Coleman, Sr. Grant Mananien, So. McKeiran Romasser, Sr. Aaron DiFlippo, Sr. Isaiah Ramadane, Jr. Cole Waddy. Girls—Jr. Nakiyah Bumgardner-Ferguson, Jr. Aaliyah Cutlip, Sr. Carrie Ferguson, Sr. Jordan Powers, Jr. Makenzie Morton, So. Julia Ro, Jr. Samantha Tollefson.

Top newcomers: Boys—Fr. Min Lee, Fr. Jon Collins, Fr. Joseph Gonzelez, Fr. Clay Waddy. Girls—Sr. Jazmin Jenkins, Fr. Skylar Thomas.

Outlook: Senior state qualifiers Ramadane and Coleman highlight a boys team balanced with experienced upperclassmen, as well as a large group of talented freshmen. The girls expect steady improvement throughout the season.



Coach: Jerry Cutright

Top returners: Boys—Jr. Isaac Haywood (jumps), Sr. Jacob Woodson (hurdles, pole vault), Sr. Mark Carter (jumps), Logan McGhee (jumps). Girls—Jr. Dejah Price (jumps, sprints, hurdles), Jr. Cierra Caicedo (distance), Celia Agee (pole vault), Jr. Sophie Karney (hurdles), Ahteria Winn (jumps), Chloe Fritz (jumps), Susan Fierson (jumps), Dezmajia Carter (jumps).

Outlook: Haywood was the state champion in the triple jump, and Woodson and Agee are state title threats in the pole vault.


Coach: Larry Kilby



Coach: Mark Dennis

Last season: Girls first, boys second in Region 3B.

Top returners: Boys—Sr. James Hinton (jumps), Jr. Justin Aggrey (sprints), Sr. Hunter Bowers (sprints, jumps). Girls—Sr. Paris Beaver (jumps), So. Stephanie Robson (jumps, hurdles), Sr. Brianna Hoffman (pole vault), Sr. Masen Armel (weights).

Top newcomers: Boys—.Fr. Ray Stanley (weights), Sr. Adrien Ponce (hurdles, jumps). Girls—Fr. Alyssa Robson (jumps, hurdles), Jr. Megan Heidebrecht (sprints, jumps), So. Lauren Light (distance).

Outlook: Indoor state champions Beaver (high jump) and Stephanie Robson (long, triple jumps) lead a talented girls’ team with its sights set on a state team title. Hinton and Aggrey placed in the boys’ state indoor meet.



Coach: Kelsey Hunter

Top returners: Boys—Shane McNeill (jumps), James McNeill (jumps), James Kelly (sprints), jumps. Girls—Sr. Jenifer Broglin (distance).

Top newcomers: Boys—Fr. Georg Dameron (middle distance), Micaiah Coleman (middle distance).

Outlook: The McNeill brothers should score in the jumps, and Broglin hopes to close her career on a high note. The boys’ numbers are up.



Coach: Rebecca White

Last season: Boys sixth, girls 15th in VISAA state meet.

Top returners: Boys—Jr. Luke Zello, So. Connor Armand, So. Nick Miller. Girls—Frankie Veale (middle distance), Eden Ambrose (middle distance).

Top newcomers: Boys—Sr. Cannon Zylonis (weights), Sr. Xavier Ramos (weights). Girls—Eighth-graders Kyla and Kyndal Jones (sprints), eighth-grader Isabella Reed (middle distance).

Outlook: Coming off a promising first year, the Eagles hope to improve despite small numbers and the lack of a home track.

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