There’s a lot on my mind right now, but my short attention span means I can’t spend much time on any one topic.

So here goes:

  • If one swing can save a team’s season, Gerardo Parra’s grand slam Saturday night in Los Angeles may have steadied the reeling Washington Nationals. But until their shaky bullpen shows some consistency, it will remain an uphill climb.
  • Speaking of changes of fortune, it’s really bad news for the rest of the American League that the Boston Red Sox seem to have found their stride after a horrendous start.
  • If he hopes to lead Washington’s downtrodden NFL team back its level of play when Joe Theismann was quarterback, Dwayne Haskins has to perform better than any player who’s ever worn No. 7 in D.C.
  • I’m not sure there’s ever been more hype over a team coming off 11 straight losing seasons than there will be over the 2019 Cleveland Browns.
  • The fact that two second-round series went a full seven games after a first round full of blowouts proves the NBA should cut its playoff field in half. And if you think that’s going to happen, you also believe Uncle Drew is a real person.
  • If the wretched New York Knicks win Tuesday’s reconfigured NBA draft lottery and get to choose Zion Williamson (34 years after they got to pick Patrick Ewing first), then Robert Mueller has his next collusion investigation.
  • Another NBA cornerstone franchise that has lost most of its cachet is the Los Angeles Lakers, who had to settle for (at best) its third choice as coach. If no one wants to coach LeBron James and no free agent wants to play with him, it makes Magic Johnson and Phil Jackson look smart for bailing early.
  • If James Harden’s Houston Rockets can’t beat a Golden State Warriors team without Kevin Durant or DeMarcus Cousins, he’s destined to join Charles Barkley, Karl Malone and John Stockton in the best-player-never-to-win-a-title fraternity.
  • Hockey playoff beards are one of sports’ coolest traditions, but someone needs to give San Jose’s 39-year-old Joe Thornton some Just For Men.
  • No one from the NCAA attended the recent trial concerning improper payments to college basketball recruits. That tells you there’s no sincere intention to clean up the cesspool that surrounds a sport that enriches all the wrong people.
  • If you believe there’s no such thing as bad press, the Kentucky Derby disqualification kerfuffle gave horse racing some much-needed attention. But without either of the horses involved—or any hope of a Triple Crown winner—Saturday’s Preakness may have its lowest TV ratings ever.
  • On the other hand, the PGA championship’s move to May should result in through-the-roof ratings—and not just because John Daly’s riding in a golf cart. Thanks, Tiger Woods.

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