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ZACK WAJSGRAS/THE DAILY PROGRESS Virginia guard Kyle Guy (5) reacts during a celebration honoring the Virginia Cavaliers for winning the NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship at Scott Stadium on Saturday. Over twenty-thousand fans came to congratulate their team and watch highlight videos from the tournament.

The NCAA champion University of Virginia Cavaliers basketball team is being asked by an alumna to turn down any invitation to join President Donald Trump at the White House in a petition circulated on a social activist website.

Lacey Kohlmoos is circulating the petition on in hopes of convincing the Cavaliers to not visit the White House, should Trump proffer an invitation to the team.

No invitation has been made and UVa officials have not said whether one would be accepted.

The petition, which seeks 11,000 signatures, has so far received 10,500, according to the website.

The petition states that Trump has “done all he can to stoke racial tension and embolden white supremacists.”

“By accepting a White House invitation, the team would be condoning the president’s reprehensible and divisive behavior, which is unacceptable,” the petition states.

Trump tweeted congratulations to the team after its April 8 85-77 overtime win against Texas Tech. The message was retweeted by the official Virginia Sports account.

So far no Division I NCAA basketball champion team, either men’s or women’s has visited the White House during Trump’s administration although the University of North Carolina’s 2017 team received an invitation.

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