Philip Van Cleave


President of the Virginia Citizens Defense League


Your article should have started, "What if your party won the election and it decided to pass some unconstitutional laws and localities said they wouldn't enforce such unconstitutional laws?"


"If 'gun control' laws win, then citizens lose." You stole my first thoughts on this item. That sums it up nicely.


VCDLPresident commented on LETTER: Red flag laws save lives

There is a lot wrong with Ms. Haas's letter:

1. The "dangerous" person is not arrested or given mental health treatment. He or she is left walking around and totally free to commit suicide, to murder somebody, or both. Red Flag laws are about confiscation, not making anyo…


The CDC's "studies" were politically motivated and caused funding to be cut - that was a good thing. To insinuate that a doctor can simply study an inanimate piece of metal and treat it as if it were a disease is ridiculous. What would make sense to study is more basic: what mak…


Yes, Cyber Bullies is completely fabricating that one. There are about 30,000 gun-related deaths in the U.S. per year. About half are suicides, most of the rest are criminals killing each other, with some innocents being murdered and a very small number of accidents. BUT, there are betwee…

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