SPC storm report map for VA

SPC map showing Virginia storm reports from Sunday

Fredericksburg will have a cool and breezy start to the work week.

The storm system that brought wild weather across Virginia has pushed northward into New England this Monday morning. The cold front associated with the low pressure center passed through Shannon Airport at 7:30 a.m., swapping the winds around from the west. Gusts over 35 mph today will keep trees swaying while current Fredericksburg temperatures in the low 60s will hold steady at that level before plunging to near 40 degrees tonight.

The graphic shows the storm reports across Virginia from yesterday’s wildness with strong straight line winds and wind damage dominating the map. (The legend on the left side is the Storm Prediction Center’s total for all storm reports across the nation on Sunday.) Pouring through the list of reports sent to NWS Sterling yielded a wind gust of 63 mph at Shannon Airport that was recorded at 1:35 a.m. Despite the plethora of tornado watches and warnings yesterday, so far no tornadoes have been reported in the Old Dominion.

After Tuesday morning’s chilly start, afternoon temperatures will warm back to the 70 degree mark with much lighter westerly breezes across the Fredericksburg area. Similar to today, sunshine and clear skies will dominate tomorrow’s weather. Wednesday then looks to be a few degrees warmer with mostly sunny skies once again.

The next chance for storms will show up on Fredericksburg’s doorstep Friday. Until then, things will remain rather tranquil as compared to yesterday!

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