Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis brings Trouble Town Tour to the Jefferson.

Songwriting is never far from Jordan Davis’ mind—even while playing a music festival in Cancun, Mexico. Despite the distractions of sunshine, musical friends and tequila, the Shreveport, La., native remains open to musical inspiration.

“We write on the road. I write at home,” Davis said. “I fell in love with music because I fell in love with songwriting.”

He co-wrote all 12 tracks on “Home State,” the debut album that is packing tour dates for his Trouble Town Tour, which is coming to the Jefferson Theater tonight. Fans will get to hear his current single, “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot,” as well as No. 1 hits “Singles You Up” and “Take It from Me,” among other songs.

Davis marvels at the snappy pace of ticket sales for the Trouble Town Tour.

“We start our third run this weekend in Detroit,” Davis said last week from Cancun. “We just did two nights in Minnesota, and they both sold out.”

Davis said he and his band are delighted to have Kassi Ashton on the bill. The singer behind the single “Field Party” brought many new fans on board while opening for Maren Morris on GIRL: The World Tour.

“She’s been unreal,” Davis said of Ashton. “I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time, and I stashed it away in my mind to invite her.” In addition to performing her own set, “she comes out and does a song with us,” he said.

And now that Davis has switched from opening shows for Rascal Flatts, Kip Moore, Old Dominion, Brett Young and other established stars to headlining his own tour, he’s happy to pay the encouragement forward.

“Those tours are game changers,” he said. “That was so big for us.” He also savors getting positive feedback from his fans when they enjoy hearing a new artist open the show.

“We’ve been support acts for the past two years, but to go out on your own tour? We’re just drinking it in,” Davis said.

Davis said he’s always working on new songs, and there’s a good chance that four or five songs that didn’t make the cut for “Home State” may end up on the next album.

A new influence is bound to make an appearance as well, and Davis couldn’t be happier. He and his wife, Kristen, recently welcomed Eloise, their first child. Even the muse is overjoyed.

“This next record is going to have a couple of Eloise songs on it,” the proud father said with a chuckle. “Stories are at the core of country music, and you write about what’s going on in your life—and this is the biggest blessing in my life.”

Since his daughter arrived, Davis has been getting even better at time management. Instead of lingering for a little rest during slow moments on tour, “you really find ways to be home when you can,” Davis said. “Now, it’s pretty much if I’m not playing music, I want to be at home.”

Leaving his wife and baby to head out on tour isn’t easy. “‘Daddy’s gotta work.’ That’s what I tell her,” he said warmly.

Thursday’s show will offer plenty of variety, so if you aren’t familiar with Davis’ or Ashton’s music yet, give it a try.

“First off, we have fun,” Davis said. “We want everybody who comes to feel like they got their money’s worth on everything they spent—drinks, parking, everything.

“We cover rock ’n’ roll songs, pop songs—once in a while, rap songs.”

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